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    Fuel pump and trans cooler

    $80 for the pump ?
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    TURBOTERRORV6 from the Houston area??

    Thanks Kevin! Glad this was resolved and I apologize for the whole delay. ! Hope all is well
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    TURBOTERRORV6 from the Houston area??

    Just saw this , I apologists I haven’t opened my DM messages. Will send out payment ASAP , was going through a medical encounter , wi send you a reply on your private message. Thanks
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    Gn1 valve cover

    12 0?
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    Precision upper plenum

    65 or 70 Mm
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    Precision upper plenum

    Polished unit. 86/87. Good condition Upper plenum only $150 buyer plays shipping Cost -$260 new
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    MSD Wires

    Message sent. Interested.
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    Racetronic hat / AN FITTING / floater and 340 pumps

    Will need new bulkhead connectors and wiring. ( no wiring ). Comes with AN fittings (6AN AND 8AN) , dual nozzle adapter , floater and two used 340lb pumps. Pumps were tested and they do turn on but not guaranteed if they are good. That’s up to buyer discretion. $160 as is.
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    Precision plenum , small chrome parts - 86/87

    As the title says Polished precision plenum - $225 Chrome throttle body bracket - ~Sold Chrome coil bracket - $60 Chrome alternator bracket - $60
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    Looking for - whole wiper arm system

    The wiper holders : blades
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    Looking for - whole wiper arm system

    Looking for a couple wiper assembly set up for my 87 Buick Turbo T regal Please advise