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    I drove mine through our first snow last week, and a bunch more. The truck had to go in the shop so the Buick took on DD duty. Put 300 miles on it in one week. No regerts. No issues. Got above freezing today and I rinsed it off. Get it appraised so you can properly insure it in case some...
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    Engine mount install

    It's not a great write up. It's a completely unreadable block of text. In what part of the world do they not use paragraphs, and are there GN's there?
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    OE ECU future ?

    And I'll add another: Stepping up to an ECUGN or a FAST or a Holley Dominator is not something you do to replace a factory ECM on a mildly modified car. It's something you do when you're heavily modified and have reached the limit of what the stock ECM can do.
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    OE ECU future ?

    The OEM ecu's achilles heel are the capacitors. They go bad. The good news is any decent electronics shop can re-cap it. They're not complicated. So as long as somebody is still burning ROMs to deal with changes in fuel composition, the OEM ECU is indefinitely maintainable.
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    Slightly Crooked Steering Wheel

    Yup, get a pic so we can make sure something isn't horribly bent, but sounds normal. The column is not centered on the driver position, it's pointed off slightly. Ergonomics and integration between the chassis teams and interior teams weren't at the level they are now back then. Stuff ended up...
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    Slightly Crooked Steering Wheel

    Are you describing the steering wheel not being straight while moving, or the column not being centered in the dash? Because the column won't be centered. They're offset slightly. The offset's even molded into the trim at the base of the dash.
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    Intake Manifold Gasket Brand/set choice (V6 3800,Regal 97)

    Non boosted? Get the cheapest one that fits. Don't overthink it.
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    87 Grand National

    Consider moving it out of the garage until it's fixed if it smells that strong. Vapor can build up, there will be a spark from something, and the whole thing goes up like a Russian ammo dump.
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    Average repaint cost?

    Even I'd be very careful purchasing a dipped car. The product hides much better than paint. There'd be no telling what is under it.
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    Average repaint cost?

    If it doesn't peel, you put naptha thinner in a spray bottle, give it a squirt, let it sit a few minutes, and pressure wash it off.
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    Average repaint cost?

    Wraps are more expensive and difficult to apply than the dip. They sort of slot in between dip and paint. You can get things with a wrap that you can't do with a dip, like a gloss finish or even printed graphics. Once they've been on the car awhile, they can also get pretty difficult to remove...
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    Average repaint cost?

    Data point, and some can laugh all they want. I plasti-dipped my Probe. It came out fantastic. The prep is low compared to paint. You want to fix dents and rust, but the substrate doesn't have to be perfect. The dip hides scratches. Beyond that, you just have to have the car completely clean...
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    Pro-Touring Ttype Build

    A few things: 1) Loose is fast on these, but loose enough for an autocross may be too loose to be safe on the street. 2) Tires are everything. If it's different and you changed the tires, it's the tires. 3) IC changes by themselves won't mess with "handling". You need to pay attention to the...
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    Average repaint cost?

    You're looking at $20K or more if you want somebody to do it for you. Doing it right requires taking it apart. Chuck already noted you need to go down to bare metal, because painting over top of the lacquer with modern paints does not work long term. Taking it apart will find problems that...