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    Body to frame alignment

    If you lubricated the body bolt threads with grease as opposed to anti-seize or Blue LocTite, they're going to back out on you, and then the body's going to move around. The way to align the body is to find the frame diagram and make sure the frame itself is still square, then you loosen all of...
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    Alignment help needed

    You sure you put the upper control arms back on the correct side? If you did, something's bent.
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    RPM Drop on shifts

    You are correct.
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    RPM Drop on shifts

    Agree with @BEATAV8. That sounds fine. To really know you need to log output shaft speed somehow and generate your converter %slip and make sure it's in the range you wanted when you spec'd the converter. Street tire launches are a crap shoot. It depends on the tire, the surface prep and your...
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    Experience with this Timing Cover

    I had one ruin a brand new engine. Cam sensor boss and oil pump drive boss were not in line, and it side loaded the pump gears and filled the engine with aluminum.
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    Stock spindles

    For future searchers: Speedway always has these in stock,33863.html
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    Experience with this Timing Cover

    You won't know about the cam sensor -> oil pump alignment until you get one. My hypothesis is the folks over in China don't check the alignment on the boring machine often enough. So, once they set it, they'll get a run of good covers, then the tooling starts to drift. Eventually they start...
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    What front Frame brace to buy

    If your car is in good shape and they're not rusted, it's pretty easy. You loosen them all, then completely remove the bolts from one side of the car, use a jack and a big piece of wood to raise the body on that side, swap the bushings, drop it down, reinstall the bolts loosely, repeat on the...
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    Stumped, Rear axle out of alignment.

    Yes, you need to get it up in the air so you can get under it while the suspension is loaded. You'll probably see the problem immediately. If not, you can use this diagram and a tape measure to make sure the frame is square: You can also loosen all the control arm bolts and jounce it really...
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    What are a set of original tires worth?

    This. They're worthless and dangerous for anything but a museum piece that will never be driven.
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    Dash Speaker Cover Screws

    A stiff wire with a magnet on it and a lot of patience will retrieve the screw. BTDT. I think it took me about two hours before it latched on.
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    front suspension questions 87 t

    Most of what you want to know can be found by searching, but this presents an opportunity for some summation for future searchers: Your plan is straight out of 1992. If you want good results, you can abandon it right now. I get what you're doing because I did it, and worked OK sort of, but I...
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    LED light bulb issues

    The front lighting harness has some fuckery in it where the bulbs are fed current "backwards". Sticking a diode in certain fixtures cuts current to ones further down the line. I just put incandescent back in. The alternative was cutting up the harness and the juice wasn't worth the squeeze.
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    Keeping stainless headers looking new

    Can't even do it with polishing. The heat will anneal the metal and discolor it. Your only option is getting them ceramic coated by the likes of Jet-Hot.
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    Anyone Real Sharp On Auto Insurance?

    Call a lawyer. Every state is different. Even if the lawyer takes half, they should get you enough you don't care.