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    Hooking up a wideband and fuel pressor sensor

    Getting ready to wire up a LC-2 wide band and a fuel pressure sensor (SSI 100psi from Bison). The car has the older powerlogger IO board that has ground and +5v. Just looking for a sanity check here and some extra guidance if you have done it before. On the LC-2 I am going to pull keyed power...
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    Trying to identify under dash connectors.

    I guess the last one would be a good reason the cigarette lighter does not have power :)
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    Trying to identify under dash connectors.

    This is from my 86 T-Type. I have been working on cleaning up the dash wiring and adding a few sensors. I came across these connectors accessible from the glove box. The car does not have twilight sentinel or digital climate control It *did* have a trunk release button but that is not...
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    GMP diecast lot

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    FMIC Plumbing Re-work

    That's the way Lou set mine up too when I had a front mount it worked great. I had to move it when I went to the stock location.
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    FS: New JTR 2 Pulse Speed Sensor

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    FS: New JTR 2 Pulse Speed Sensor

    Selling a brand new JTR 2 pulse per rev speed sensor. This will provide the ECM with the correct signal. I went a different route. $100 shipped
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    Anyone try the Retro Manufacturing 1.5 Din radio?

    Came across this looking for a replacement stereo. Seems like it would fit well and fit my needs but the price is a bit high. Anyone running...
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    Replacing a AVC Mechanical Speedo

    Was pointed to his new product on FB. It's exactly what I need.
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    Replacing a AVC Mechanical Speedo

    My car has a AVC dash; eventually I want to change it out for the GNS one but for now I need to make it work. The mechanical speedo hasn't worked in a long time. The mileage clicks away and the computer sees the MPH so I know the cable was spinning ok. I ordered a VDO electric speedo to replace...
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    FS: Blazer Brake upgrade, limited grill, BGC Elbows/Downpipes

    My pleasure. Hopefully you can make the parts work for what you want. Blazer Brake stuff sold! ALL PARTS SOLD!
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    Front tire rub

    That is probably the easiest thing to try. I just need to read the instructions on how to adjust them correctly; first car i've had coil-overs on.
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    Front tire rub

    I really think it is the baer brakes widening the track width nearly 1/2 inch that is the cause. Once I get a chance to get under I will have to look at the body bushings. I have a full set, just not the motivation to put them in :)
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    Front tire rub

    Thanks for all the responses I will pull the tire and look closer, hopefully it's not as bad as Turbo6InKy's but I think the solution will be to clearance the area. I will have to try and get in contact with GNS to see if they have any sets, the site shows it discontinued.