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    Fuel pressure problems

    I see you have a hot wire kit and that is good. It seems to be priming the system or at lease sending a signal. You might need a helper to do some testing, cycling the key and such. What was done with the hanger and its wiring? The connector at the top of the sender and the in tank wiring has...
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    86 GN hood not popping up

    Does the cable seem to be unlatching the latch? I usually give her the "Fonzie" bump and get it to pop up. Might need to give her some lube or see about the spring to make sure it is giving its all.
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    I have a 2004r gn we repaired it, we changed the higher pressure pump and the converter, we put a 1500 to 2000 rpm converter on it, we tested it in th

    It always amazes me the amount of info on the interwebs. But the counterpoint becomes the misinfo and general salty attitudes people get when you ask basic questions and try to get clarification. It isn't like we are there and witnessing the activity. But I'm always up for a game of twenty or...
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    I have a 2004r gn we repaired it, we changed the higher pressure pump and the converter, we put a 1500 to 2000 rpm converter on it, we tested it in th

    Gonna need some more clarification. Is the "skidding" the shift the problem? Describe this "skidding". Is it a real firm shift or the trans getting "stuck" in two years at once and not a clean shift?
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    No downshift to 1st. after stopping

    Glad you are moving into a gauge and pressures. Yes on the unhook the tv cable from the throttle arm. I did my pressures with the car on stands and some more while driving. Nice to have a helper in the car to do the throttle and move the shifter while you are under the hood giving the tv cable...
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    No downshift to 1st. after stopping

    Have you put a gauge on it? Usually has too high pressure when it won't go back to low when you stop. Over 100psi ? What boost valve did you install?
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    Floor Pan Plugs

    Pm sent
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    Valve Spring Tool?

    I welded an impact socket on it
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    Floor Pan Plugs

    Not sure but I might have some used ones if interested. I cut a car up last summer so it might have a pair in those floor boards . Lmk and I will check
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    200R4 from what?

    Can't say that looks like a stock 2004r bottom feed filter so someone has been in there. I'd want that cz unit if it has the matching vb and gov combo. Internals pretty much the same. Vb, governor, servo(that cz would have one ending in 692 from the factory) are what sets the performance units...
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    Hydroboost rebuild

    Link to vid? Can't see that splitting a unit would be that much but I've not done more than swap units out so it might be a lot. I'd like to peruse the vid and see what they did.
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    Hydroboost rebuild

    I bought a kit of rubber bits from a place called pirate jack or something like that. I think off eBay. Unit is working so I didn't crack it open yet but hope this is what is needed when the time comes.
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    Window sweeps Looks like they are out of stock. But these are what I use.
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    Green going black? Swapping wind for coal. and to think just over 40yrs ago we were on the way to the next ice age. I guess that story didn't generate enough income.
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    Running rich and smoke

    do you have some scanmaster data to post up? At idle Out cruising