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    No manual 2nd gear.

    If that band had no clutch left it was probably set up too tight , drug the clutch off , over heated and cracked that drum .
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    AC Not Working

    Just getting the parts might be an issue. I'd start collecting them up now and see where you are. If you wait until spring some of the unobtainium might rear it's ugly head. If it has been open you might figure on a new compressor. They don't like the open air.
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    URGENT Bad Trans? or Bad TC? You do need the correct flaring tools to do a 37* but who doesn't love some new tools...
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    Right Blinker Issue

    Something must be back feeding em. I'd look for some corrosion in those circuits. Hard to diagnose electrical especially over the interwebz. A meter or test light is your friend.
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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Retainer Clip

    Backing plate might have some rust that made it thinner. Possibly a new backing plate or some kind of shim or washer in the old one to tighten her up a bit.
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    Right Blinker Issue

    I'd have to say you need to pull that h/l switch and clean and regrease it with some good non conductive stuff. If that doesn't work a new switch might be in order. I got the last one I used off eBay.
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    Long cranking times. Fuel pump primes but not get power when cranking.

    Not sure if the op understands this isn't a "new" vehicle that you "bump" the keep and it busts off. Or if there really is a problem as the ecm generally needs a revolution or two to get it's crank signal established then looks for the other signals.
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    ATR Sway Bar question

    not from my experience but from others, one must use locktite or some type of non loosening type fasteners or they come loose over time. I guess the twist on the unit puts stress one the fastener and results in the loosening over time.
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    Front Bucket Seat Foam/Cushion - need opinions
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    Spring Is a northern suburb
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    There is a good guy in Spring
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    Is this a real Monte Carlo SS 200 4r transmission ?

    casting number on the servo? pull the governor out and note the color and tooth count.
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    No manual 2nd gear.

    Doesn't sound like you have been dealing with gurus. Does sound like you have a problem. Might have to step up your game, pull that trans and send it to someone who does these transmissions and is actually good at it.
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    Did this place shut down?

    We a We are jerks. No hugging circle that I know of. Just a bunch of guys who have been around the block enough times and get tired of the same questions. But I guess if the individual knew the answer, they wouldn't ask the question.
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    ARP engine studs,1987,regal,3.8l+231cid+v6+turbocharged,1020957,engine,cylinder+head+gasket,5412 Last one listed as victor Reinz I understand you want to "make it right" but with the supply chain issues and the parts industry at large being what it is I wouldn't wait...