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    All Buick Show Sunday 8-18-19 , Wallingford Buick , CT .

    Sorry Mods if I'm posting this in the wrong spot , didn't feel it was fit to put it in National Racing Events section . Once again , Yankee Chapter hosting an all Buick show at Wallingford Buick , Wallingford , Ct . I go every year , last was just myself and a GN . Whatever has happened in the...
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    Plans with your GNX

    Hey Chris , picked up an X ? Congrats ! By your post , sounds like you're not gonna lock it up in a bubble and go enjoy it . I just took mine out for the first time Saturday , a local car show , 200+ cars . Believe it or not , I didn't take one picture !!!! As I got older (I'm not that old , LOL...
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    Youngest GNX Owner

    Well , I was 33 when I was inches of buying/owning an X ( # 219 ) . Fast forward , got one when I was 45 , so 48 now . Seems to be the age group as these cars were new on the dealer lots while we were in high school !!!
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    Documentation for sale of 87 GN.

    I was from that town , bought my GN in 92 from next town over . Just went and checked my vin , nope !!!! My friend was a service writer back in those days at Gallagher, someone bought a gn new there , traded it in around 89-90 , he bought it , drag raced it , then totaled it . Wonder if that was...
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    #95 dropped the price

    Other than removing the tint off the windows (which could ruin the defroster wires) and new fillers , looks to be an OK car . Not bad pricing .
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    New Member to GNX Forum---#316 arriving soon.

    Congrats !!! Pics when you get it !!!
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    88 Mile GNX Value?

    As said , GNX values fluctuate up and down almost yearly . As per current auction prices , bringing a car to auction ( the seller) is risky , you are gambling one or more in the room are there for YOUR car (GNX) . If you want a certain price , put your car on the normal sites , Carsonline/...
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    ATR GNX stainless tail pipes , Hooker front pipe

    Front Y pipe sold .
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    ATR GNX stainless tail pipes , Hooker front pipe

    Tailpipes are sold
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    ATR GNX stainless tail pipes , Hooker front pipe

    Sorry about that , they are 2 1/2" . Sale pending on the tailpipes .
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    ATR GNX stainless tail pipes , Hooker front pipe

    Ok , will get back to you with shipping price .
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    ATR GNX stainless tail pipes , Hooker front pipe

    I have these pieces used to make a GNX exhaust , I believe the front head pipe is a Hooker system , the tail pipes are stainless and from an ATR GNX exhaust . They were connected with ATR pitbull mufflers , but mufflers are not available ( I reused them) . I will most likely never need these so...
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    NOS GN center caps , NOS GNX Stewart Warner boost gauge

    Bump... boost gauge is sold . Center caps still available .
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    Lost my best friend Sunday

    I can't believe it Mark ............ My condolences for everyone around him .