owned several 70's muscle

Classic 70's!!! life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you going to get
Jul 14, 1969 (Age: 53)
Aliquippa, Pa
My car(s)
1987 Buick Grand National
Slitter Operator at Hussey Copper


1987 Buick Grand National, Weber 250 CI 3.625 Stroker with Eagle Forged Crank, K-1 Forged Rods and Diamond Pistons. RJC Head gaskets. KN Performance Race Ported Heads and Intake, 210/215 Roller Cam, HR Mounts, Precision 6031E , 60# Inj., Razors Alky, 24 Row Stretched, TA Headers, TA Downpipe, Rjc Pulleys, Dynomax Ultraflows, Reds XP Pump, Billet Regulator, Rjc valve, plate, Vince Janis Stage2 Full Pro Billet Rollerized 200r4 parts from CK Performance, Pats 10" 3200, Art Carr Deep Pan, 6.0 Alky-Tweak Chip, Powerlogger, PLX Wideband, Hurst Lightning Rod Shifter, Vacuum Brakes, Poly Body Mounts. Front/Rear Braces. New Front Suspension, BMR Extreme Bar, Red UMI Tubular Rears, Moser Axles, TA Girdled Rear Cover, Pro Stars, Mickey 295/55-15's. GNX Flares, Postons Trunk kit, :biggrin:. Weight 3500#


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