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    1994 Chevrolet Z71 Blazer/Silverado

    Price should be posted.... You probably didn't read the forums rule book I'd guess... post it up because ad will be gone in short time...Mike
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    Having trouble reading the worn off

    I won.... I scrolled up really really slow..... just because I couldn't imagine undoing what I could have possibly seen...... being from Chuck this early in the day!!!! Mike
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    TR6 Cam Phasing

    I believe that cap will cause problems... (though I don't have one) Otherwise, double check your cam sensor installation. I just went through this installing my tr6... I was a tooth off from the beginning... which caused the same problem your describing... sensor needs to be installed...
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    Looking for Turbotweak chip

    Make sure you give him a good deal!!!! LMAO!!! Just kidding.... Mike
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    Some extras...

    Inlet bell sold!!! Thanks Mike
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    Some extras...

    Chip's sold!!! Thanks Mike
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    Some extras...

    Coil pack/ module/ wires sold!!! Thanks Mike
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    Some extras...

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    Some extras...

    Sending Pm... Mike
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    Some extras...

    Hey guy's, I have some extra stuff someone must need... all parts include shipping... Mike Stock coil pack/module/msd wires $115 Chrome uppipe nice, few marks underneath unseen once installed $45 Coolant reservoir pretty clean $40 Stock inlet bell $25 3 60lb TT chip's, one alky $65 all...
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    Nick Micale Arizonagn

    Looks like she's "locked and loaded".... I'd be careful...
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    Keep trying pal... LOL
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    Bunch of Buick Parts

    Ya, newbe stiring up Shit...
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    Bunch of Buick Parts

    LMAO!!! Thanks for digging up an old post... Mike, you wouldn't still have #2 would you? Thanks Mike