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    MAF pipe has a couple of dings in it. Primarily from being used with a stock location...

    MAF pipe has a couple of dings in it. Primarily from being used with a stock location intercooler. I will need your email address as I can't attach any pictures.
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    MAF Translator and Jumper Harness

    Updated parts for sale. Unfortunately, I am not able to upload pictures at this time to the site. I can send pictures on request. MAF Translator: $125 MAF Breakout Harness: $25 3.5" MAF Sensor: $50 MSD Spark Plug Wires 8.5mm, cut for stock coil pack: $100 Kiran's Reproduction stainless steel...
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    MAF Translator and Jumper Harness

    For sale MAF translator with Casper's harness for MAF with integrated temperature sensor. Put the translator in my car a few years back and I have only driven about 1k miles since then. So translator and harness are almost new. $150 takes both. Shipping not included in this price. I will...
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    difference between on center and off center

    Nice explanation. Since I had no, not a single bit of experience with cars until I bought my GN at age 35 I had to find an explanation of what splitting the crank pin meant. I knew what an engine was, but I didn't even understand the function of a CAM or know the different between OHV vs OHC...
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    Turbo V6 Camaro

    That's why I bought my 2000 SC Regal. So I don't have to worry about destroying my GN. I am getting to the point that I wonder why I am keeping my Grand National. I only drove it once last summer for about 30 minutes after spending $100 for an oil change.
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    Turbo V6 Camaro

    That's messed up that you can't get a single injector from ZZP? I will make note of this for future purchases, since I am converting my SC 2000 Regal to turbo charged sometime here in the future.
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    Best Oil and oil filter?

    I typically unplug the fuel pump connector at the back and crank until I build oil pressure. Need to add the secret kill switch in the cab so I don't have to get dirty and track it back into my beauty.
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    Best Oil and oil filter?

    They work, but they chose not to use them. They want everything thought out and done for them.
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    Ok everybody let's start a pic post thread for the W-Bodies!

    Did the Lumina come with L67?
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    Series II L67 Grand National??!!??

    Well I think it takes the same amount of effort to swap in an L26 or L67. There's also much more support for the LS engines. If I had not spend the house rebuilding my 109 and 200 4R I would've definitely went with the 3800 series II/III block and the 4L60 trans. My engine builder is also a...
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    Vapor canister purge valve replacement

    That's what I ultimately did. But it was expensive. Primarily because I had to have someone else do my build.
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    2004 Turbo Regal intro - Dave

    Good stuff. I believe I've seen you on youtube. I have a 2000 Regal GS, still supercharged. It has about every possible upgrade possible. I think the next thing I can do is go to a 2.55 pulley. Currently at a 2.7". The transmission has a stage 2 build, I need to find out what all that...