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    Overflow tank, gauge hood mount, ecm, old school air scoop

    Pm sent on door speakers
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    Iso bhj balancer with trigger wheel

    Iso balancer with wheel for internal balance.
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    Russell brake lines and jw flexplate

    Flexplate internal or external balance?
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    Is forged rotating assembly or unopened motor

    Looking for stock stroke, 5.96 rods, .040 pistons. Or an unopened motor 86 87.
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    Need gbody brake pedal for vacuum brake system urgently.

    I have a guy locally with 25 parts Cars. I'm sure he can pull one for me of you still need one
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    1986 Complete drivetrain $3500

    Still available??
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    BHJ internal balancer with reluctor

    Still available??
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    Cam sensors

    I ve got a good cam sensor
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    Ya I understand what all is needed. I myself run a 6766 but I'm helping a buddy with his car. Hence the ad.
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    It'd be going on a fairly stock lower end car. With 120s and e85. Are you talking about the water cooled precision that's up for sale??
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    rear Upper and lower control arms

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    Looking for a 6262 with e cover if anyone has one for sale before buying a new one.
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    rear Upper and lower control arms

    Looking to upgrade from my stock rear control arms. Looking for both upper and lower. Lmk.
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    Xfi e dash

    Where were you 5 hours ago. I just bought a new one from cal
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    WTB: Trans Oil Dipstick / Oil filler tube / Adjustable Wastegate Actuator

    Still need adjustable actuator?