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    Blue 1987 turbo T $13900 obo

    Still available???
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    Original owner just sold '87 W02 - have lots of parts black over dark red

    What dor the splash guards look like?
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    Xfi 2.0

    I've got an xfi 2.0 with internal logging for sale. Comes with everything needed to plug in and go. Caspers harness, map and o2 sensor. All necessary wiring. Current tune is for 120s and e85. Here's a link to photo since it wouldn't upload. Looking for 1200$...
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    Iso throttle cable bracket

    I'll pm you
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    Iso throttle cable bracket

    I can't seem to find mine. I'm searching for the bracket that mounts to the plenum that holds the throttle body and TV cable
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    86 t-type wanted or 87 turbo t any for sale

    I know a guy with an 87 turbo t for sale. 16k. In nebraska. Pm me I can send pics.
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    Random parts

    Tr6 sold
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    Random parts

    Xfi 2.0 with jnternal logger 1200$$
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    Ta buick valve covers

    Iso a nice set of ta buick low profile valve covers. Similar to the picture. Would like silver but blacks not an issue.
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    Random parts

    Yes it is
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    Random parts

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    Random parts

    Bump. I need this gone.
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    Random parts

    All prices plus the ride. Xfi 2.0 with internal data logging, wideband o2 harness and sensor, caspers adapter box 100% plug and play setup currently has a tune for 120s and e85 on it $1200 Brand new tr6 ignition never plugged in with brand new truck coil 500$ Random parts Stock throttle...
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    HRparts Rear Bar

    Put me in line please