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    Need timing chain, pistons .040

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    Need timing chain, pistons .040

    Prefer double roller timing set, forged pistons in .040. I'm in Champaign, IL.
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    Ring Gap

    Thanks, Chuck. Interesting article.
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    Ring Gap

    I didnt think ring technology changed much. I dont think thread age matters unless it's a parts for sale thread. You might disagree.
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    Ring Gap

    I read that the second ring runs cooler than the top ring, so the gap can be closed up a little on the second ring. Thoughts?
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    Reds XP pump

    TT pump has been working fine for a couple years now. I also upgraded the bulkhead on the sending unit with the one from Racetronix.
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    Cruise control is surging

    Do you have vdo gauges like a gnX clone?
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    Alternator help please......

    How'd the trip go?
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    Coils/Springs LABOR

    I just got the car back from the shop today. Replaced all upper and lower A arm bushings. He buttoned everything up, then said the passenger side alignment was way off because the upper A arm shaft was upside down. So he had to redo the passenger side. Total labor with alignment came to $800. I...
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    Battery question

    Did your tester reveal the bad diode?
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    VDO Tach Help - Please!

    It would allow your cruise to work. Has nothing to do with your tach.
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    Battery question

    Battery fully charged. Took it to Advance. Their tester showed good alternator charge, good volts, good CCA....but low reserve volts. Did a parasitic draw test and found only 4 milliamps. Car starts fine when fully charged, but takes extended cranking after sitting a few days . Battery is from...
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    cant get running after a rebuild, advice wanted!

    Fuel Pressure 38 line off? Not sure about E85 but for 93 octane it should be 43 line off. Is it different for E85?
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    VDO Tach Help - Please!

    Caspers sells a module that you will need. You will also need a VSS from Autometer that works with their module .