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    How can i make this happen?

    I didnt find any. Had to have a shop cut off that section with that fitting and weld it on to a new hose to make new lines.
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    1800.00 Champion GN1 aluminum heads for sale with rockers

    In line too please. would like to see pics
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    Anyone have a BHJ balancer for sale for a 3.8 motor?
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    TR6 glovebox location????

    Nobody attempt this before???
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    TR6 glovebox location????

    Hello all. Wondering who has installed their TR6 in their glovebox? Is it a good idea bad idea? Any tips or hints before I attempt it incase I decide to do it? I'm just tired of all the wires. I'm trying to clean up the engine bay as much as possible.
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    90’s recaro style seats

    Can you tell me the difference in these compared to the one in the picture above?
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    All new stage 2

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    ARP BOLTS for champion intake help??

    TTT. Anybody please ????
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    ARP BOLTS for champion intake help??

    Would anyone happen to have the part # for arp bolts for a champion racing intake? Also would like arp bolts for the plenum? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    God Speed Gary Wells. US Navy Vet, So Western Moderator, Pistol Marksman, My best friend. RIP.

    Wow. I knew Gary was battling health issues but didn't expect this one. May my buick brother RIP.
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    Engine heating up with dual fans and XFI help?

    Still no luck after changing out thermostat. I did put in a 160. Next I'm pulling the radiator to have it cleaned. Will follow up after thats done.
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    Engine heating up with dual fans and XFI help?

    I a running a 1 piece front air dome from TR customs . Engine block stock recently rebuilt RJC executive Pulleys No Belt slipping recently replaced it with a good working tensioner based on the adjustment mark I see on the tensioner. No CAT Clean exhaust Going to hook up to laptop to...
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    Engine heating up with dual fans and XFI help?

    Will give update later today. Going to drive the car a bit. 1st thing I did was change out the thermostat.
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    Engine heating up with dual fans and XFI help?

    Ok going to remove thermostat 1st. Was curious so went for a quick drive. Weather is 77 degrees right now and car stood at 190. And wouldn't go back down. This was on a 10mi drive at cruising speeds of 35 to 50.