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    TR6 tach signal

    Yes I saw the Correction feature as an option also but since you didn't have the rpm signal I was throwing the sensitivity feature out there as well... Hope you get it going how much boost you trying to work with? make sure you have no leaks also
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    TR6 tach signal

    I need this signal for my turbosmart boost controller to try to control the boost falloff above 4500 rpm. I tried this several years ago with stock ignition with no luck. I have the TurboSmart Eboost street 30 .. instructions say try this: 3) Sensitivity (SN1/SN2): The sensitivity is how...
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    Fuel pressure not increasing in boost?

    td do you have good connections & new wiring & connectors back there to the pump? I wonder if you can monitor voltage with powerlogger on a pull to see if the voltage is going down the faster you go.hmmmmm
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    Fuel pressure not increasing in boost?

    60lb.i see now ,,,I had this problem 2 weeks ago... I have 80lbs inj. with a Supra pump... wasnt going past 53 fuel psi at 20 boost... I decided turn up the boost a pump to 15volts. walaa.. problem solved.
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    This thing smokes under full boost only

    Man Cryptic,, exactly 12 days ago as I was inching up in boost mine start pushing oil out the breather grommet lip... I've had them installed upside down all these years. I went & bought some new grommets,(just like yours, installed the correct way slapped on some new breathers Oil came out the...
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    Converter to Flexplate Gap

    Wow TType I have a JW flexplate as well Over the years ive broken 2 rotors. I assumed i didn't have the correct washers in , the first time i used no washers. 2nd time i did ,,years ago. Then I put a billet rotor in,, haven't broken another but I just pulled a pump & had Mikestertwo check it...
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    Converter to Flexplate Gap 5/64-1/8 <<<Maybe THIS<<< Is for GM measurements only according to PATC So you maybe Exactly right guys.) Hughes converters shows 1/8-3/16 however.
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    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    Perfect !! Now I went through all the gears, t brake, slapping it slightly in 3rd from Low 1. All gears work great. (j-rod hung up a few times but I think its that springs fault.. ) but worked good & ok so far while installed in the car. Been driving since the first of April. Here's what mine...
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    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    14) Here is the Adjustment part go ahead & put it in LOW 1 & make sure the adjustment looks good & tight. 15) Should look like this when done good & tight we will come back here to fine tune shortly.. 16) I comes with a large & med. C clip.. the large one goes here so go ahead & connect...
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    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    9) As you can see it wont fit I thought about this route but look at how thin the bracket part is didn't want to gouge nothing So I took the Dremel & went this route about 3 quick rounds twice It fits. 10) . Now put the other adjustment connector back on then reattach cable. 11) Snug it up...
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    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    Hello Fellow Buick owners. I just wanted to post a detailed shifter cable install since the final one I installed from High Way Stars broke after a year of use for me..That one fit perfect by the way.. I had it in a bag in the house in a top drawer still in the bag & installed it year ago...
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    Stroker Kit

    I went with 5.960 rods as well,,, I think my compression is 8.645 mine wasn't coming from stock though more like lo 12s with items in my sig 10s was easy. at 24 psi boost.
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    Question on radiators

    No A.C here,, no condenser. Ride mostly with windows down when not too hot. lol. I have the Stock fan/hi speed relay-- Same F-body radiator,,,Same water pump all bought new in 09... & same Evans engine coolant with another gallon added in 2012 cuz my fan blade cut the top hose & had to...
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    New Knock / Suspecting Fueling Issues

    yes my recent problem like this was the Ground wires back to the gas tank was corroded. Also missed a ground back at the ECM for the fp relay. I added 2 grounds one to the gas tank one coming off the plug for the fp going into the gas tank. Supra pump still goin.
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    Throttle cable for an 87 buick gn HELP!!!

    The $15 one on ebay for a 700r4. its ugly & almost a hastle because of the long stem but it works fine. I cut the stem end off. part no. K65552 made by Tekpack.. it will work in a pinch. Oh Im sorry disregard my post.. my cable doesn't look like the picture above I'm sorry I was...