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    PTC NLU 9.5” converter

    I ran a 274ci with a GT70.
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    PTC NLU 9.5” converter

    It's a 20 blade converter.
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    PTC NLU 9.5” converter

    Less than 20 street miles, less than 10 quarter mile passes. Worked flawlessly. Stall is around 3400 - 3600. $750 shipped.
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    Looking for a way to bypass CCCI box

    Here's how I did it:
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    Holley Plug And Play Turbo Buick Harness

    Steve What are the pink and white wires for? My harness doesn’t have the fan turn on wire (your last pic), where does that connect into the Holley system?
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    remote keyless entry modules, jeep shafts, license plate brackets

    Sent you a PM, let me know if you have any more.
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    Cam bearing tool.

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    Cam bearing tool.

    I've got one in Cincinnati area. Can you bring it here and we can get them installed?
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    Parts at Bowling Green

    Transmission sold.
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    Sorry, transmission sold.

    Sorry, transmission sold.
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    Parts at Bowling Green

    Parts that will be at Bowling Green. Large parts pre-pay since I'm limited on space to transport. 8445 heads - $50 set - sold 2004R transmission - fresh rebuild by DynoTech, only driven less than 5 miles and 2 qtr mile passes. NLU with deep pan. $950 - sold Torque Converters for 2004R - PTC 20...
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    Double pumper

    I've got one with aeromotive stealth 340 pumps, new. I'll take $500 shipped.
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    Thdp 3 inch

    Took over 10 days before my stuff was shipped.