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    Alec Baldwin

    had to have gone thru 1 victim and struck the second. cant imagine he fired a second shot after the first. But live ammo on a movie set? havent they heard of cgi or special effects....he should be pointing and saying bang bang bang. adding muzzle flash and sound should be a 10 minute...
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    87 T part out

    T Tops?
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    87 T part out

    I need drivers side Rear wheel trim. Will be in portage tomorrow so i could pick up.
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    GN sunvisors

    Ill take them
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    LS1 maf and translator

    i have a like new 3.5 inch maf. $85 plus freight
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    Best Brake Bleeder

    Actually, I wanted to do her car first
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    Best Brake Bleeder

    will the motive work with our style of master cylinder?
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    MORE CARS !! ( Some Pretty Rare )

    Ill take pic #3241. Whats shipping to 49120
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    FAST xfi driveshaft speed sensor 2.187" for 8.5

    Does the Lt1 include bolts also?
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    Liquor Stories

    He has done ALOT of research
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    Still looking for scan tool

    No ...not needed with powerlogger
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    Still looking for scan tool

    Im bringing a Powerlogger to Bowling Green for the GS Nats, if you want to save on shipping. Otherwise can UPS
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    3" maf selection

    are all 3" mafs the same? it's time to replace the factory unit on a mostly stock 87. I like the idea of keeping factory flex hose and air cleaner setup. I've got a 3.5 inch maf and translator combo to mock up,but cant find proper reducers locally