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    *BEWARE* M233Roller (Mike or Michael Dopkins) is a Scammer *BEWARE*

    mike has had hundreds of transactions on this board .mike has always done my right .Also mike has been a member for eternity
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    Terry Houston down pipe ceramic coated

    if actually a THDP it looks like it is ill take it... sent pm let me know ill pp you ship to ohio.
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    Kirbans Performance

    go to bowling green ..look and listen to the vendors SPONSORS continuing to support the racers (its always the same vendors).More importantly its always the same ones that do NOT support the racers .Take it from experience ,they are all ask ! all ask by many RRAs .The few that do give back give...
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    gbodyparts avoid at all costs

    no kidding thanks for the update
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    **BUYER BEWARE** castper67 (I am the owner of Kirban Performance)

    shame if true Dennis will watch all his years of hard work go away in his Company ... just like Biden did to this country
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    Grand National Antenna

    sent you a PM
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    Grand National Antenna

    i got one pm me .i have several some with steel cable
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    GSCA email just dropped

    Exactly , It tough to even ask in these times and seems the same people step up to the plate
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    Ready To Buy Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel For 87 GN

    inner and outer been in my garage over 20 years .located in dayton ohio.
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    TPB 2022

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    THANK YOU ALL ! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE. Please PM me or email me if you have anything you would like to contribute to this fast growing class at the Nationals this year . Thanks to our loyal sponsors
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    Bowling Green 2022

    Run Turbo pro bracket 10.99 and faster
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    Power Antenna and painting car

    you could move the mast though hole just enough to hold it (an inch or so )unplug it .pull the bezel .tape the mast up to the edges of the raw opening and paint it .that way you wouldnt have to remove it and the paint would lay flat to the raw opening
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    Bowling Green

    im waiting my follow up call to the vendors that sponser the class, until I see what is going to happen.I just dont feel right asking in these trying times with businesses struggling