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    Need to get my scanmaster G to read boost with powerlogger?

    Open the Powerlogger and hit the config and download tab on the left. At the bottom of that screen hit the "scanmaster options" button. Then make sure "display boost" is checked.
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    What is this leak?

    Where it's leaking from is part of the hose, nothing you can really do except buy a new one. The nut at the very bottom on the hard line is where it connects. I JUST changed this hose this week. Luckily it's pretty cheap and easy to do.
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    What is this leak?

    The part in the middle of pic with the dark drip is your power steering pressure line.
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    Kirban 2 Gauge Pod A Pillar

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    Kirban 2 Gauge Pod A Pillar

    Yes its grey, I probably should have mentioned that. PM Sent.
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    Kirban 2 Gauge Pod A Pillar

    Dual Gauge pod for A pillar. Bought from Kirbans. Was on my car for 2 years. In perfect condition. Attaches with double sided tape. I reapplied some double sided tape so it's ready to be reinstalled. Has hole drilled for Alky light in the top pod. $25 Shipped. Paypal please.
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    10 MM OML Plug Wires

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    10 MM OML Plug Wires Thanks!!
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    10 MM OML Plug Wires

    This is a pic of them installed.
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    10 MM OML Plug Wires

    Yes they are for factory coil. Not sure what correct length really is for stock wires, but these fit well.
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    10 MM OML Plug Wires

    Used set of 10 MM OML Plug Wires. Have about 2000 miles on them. Went back to black. $75 shipped in the U.S. Paypal as friends and family please.
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    Upgrade from TA49?
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    Contact information for Paul Castle

    Before he was banned from the Facebook groups I would read his posts and shake my head. I've never seen one persons name come up so many times in bad deals. Also the way he attacked people told you exactly the type of character he has.
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    In need of a 2.2 chip for my scan master-where to find one?

    Contact TurboBob on this forum. I just went looking for one I had but can't find it.
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    Need new 3" exhaust

    Couldn't be happier with my GN1 Exhaust. Looks good, sounds good performs good. Fit well, had to trim a little off passenger tail pipe to clear the rear axle.