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Tomorrow I’m going to view a stage 1 v6 Block.
It’s castle is 0012, across NOS virgin.
I’ve got a small problem. I’m looking for an off center to be able to run stock intake and stock style headers?
My problem is I’m not sure how to visionally determind the difference between an off center verses off center, just by looking at them.
Could give me any point!

Thanks for any help,
They never made a stage 1 oncenter block, it will have 2 bolt mains. On oncenter has the oil pump hole at the front, not in the middle for the pickup
hey man can u call me. thinking about dropping a gn motor in my monte. thanks. 815 695 5290
hey brother can u call me please. debating putting a gn motor in my monte ss..... lots of questions. thanks. call anytime
815 695 5290.
Turbo Lou, and his "Hemi"....
We used to run a BBC Camaro, in S/S. We had a decal across the rear window. It said: A SURE CURE FOR HEMIROIDS.
Might be appropriate for your rear window!
Saw your ad and dug out an air intake system today. Do you need a mass air sensor also? If you want to provide me with a cell number that gets pics I will text you a picture of what all I have.
Hello I'm interested in the hardtop roof rails. I want to make sure we are talking about the same seals. These are the seals the windows roll up to and seal the window to the roof?
took aluminum GN1 heads off.. head gaskets look fine could it have been the intake gasket that caused coolant to run out of exhaust??
I grew up in Rome, and went to school w/ a girl, w/ the last name Molleck.
Might you be a relative?
AIRC, she married a local guy, by the name of Jim Connett.
Jim connet doesn’t ring a bell. What was her name?
Chuck Leeper
Chuck Leeper
Her name was Bobette. I think Jim Connett has been deceased for several years.
Hello Turbo Buick! Glad to be here, hope I can contribute and get some advise along the way. Will be posting some pics to start- Happy 2019 cruising to those lucky enough not to see snow!
I was reading a thread you were on in the Syclone section. I have 0914 and am going to get a few things done to it over the winter. It is down for a blown head gasket. It looks like you own a quick Syclone. If you don't mind could I pick your brain a little on combos?
Love Buicks. The whole family drove a Buick since 1953. Got a '61 Electra 225 401 nailhead 19,000 miles, '66 Electra 225 425 nailhead TH-400 w/switch/pitch. Just had to have a GN. Live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. It's cold here; all the time. Store my cars for the winter.