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Mike would you give me an up or down on some 14 bolt M&A heads? These heads are on a stage 2 motor i am looking a buying. The person said the 40 sets of 14 bolt heads did not have the problems of the earlier M&A, as we have experienced. He will sell the motor with out the heads and the Hogan intake if requested.
I have searched for info on these heads but not coming up with anything ? Thanks Austin Kendall, Ok City
Did you ever sell your TA block engine? If not could you send me some build specs etc. Cam, crank etc. I live in the Kansas City area. About 5 Hours between us.
Hello Sir, Well, it appears that Turbopat just hustled me out of $500.00 for a used Cas V4 Slic. I had transferred the money on Tuesday afternoon and it is now Friday and this guy will not respond to me and I feel this guy is a crook and needs to be monitored closely. Thanks
Hello my friend is your Buick still for sale? I'm 30 minutes north of Cincinnati and would be interested if you still have it
Thank you
Shane, Bruce Urie here.....could you please tell me what size your Torque Thrust IIs are in your avatar? I'm looking to get 16 x 8 Torque Thrust II for my '87 GN, and I think yours may be 17". I 've always liked your GN in your avatar. The wheels look so proportional with it.

Thank you kindly.

Bruce '87 Grand National
wonder if you could give me a quick hand. I haven't got into it yet but am going to be installing all new speakers into my new to me 87 with CSII. I have read and re-read all the threads on it. I know I have to wire in series but where exactly am I making the splices, behind the radio in the harness or at the doors? Thanks in advance. I haven't done stereo work in many many years.. appreciate the help.
I found a cutlass in a junkyard locally and it is mostly stripped and ready to crush but it still has the rear alum. Bumper bracket and was wondering were I’d post that for guys to see in case someone is interested?
Is this Shane Grunsby? My name is Stephen Brisbois. Im taking John Csordas place for setting up the V8 class at the turbo nationals this year. John mentioned that you guys helped with sponsorship at last yrs event. Wondering if I could count on you again this year.
I have a coilpack and boost hoses.
Let me know if u have nos maf hose - thanks
I don't have a nos one but I think mine was like new when I took it off but I have to check
I went and checked out the headers and got pictures for you. I hadn't realized that the left side header has a couple cracks in it so you may not be interested but the turbo side and the crossover are fine so up to you
Francesco Mazzuca
76 Devoe Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10705

Do u have any other NOS GN parts?
looking for hose duct from maf
looking for GNX gauges

Shane, why do I not see the political forum?
Is there some signup req'd?
If so, how do I do that?