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Does anyone know if the wheels caps on the gta wheels are different than the ones on the GNX wheels? I ask bc I ordered a set for GNX and they seem a touch to big for the holes on the wheels I have
Jerry, are you still active here? You sent me a 60 page manual back in 2012-2013. I lost the print and no longer have any way to get in from email. Can I still get a copy?
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would you by any chance have any of the the end pieces for the rear spoiler, like on the ends it's a 2 piece, looking for the top pieces, if so let me know how much shipped to Denver 80220
From Ottawa Canada ,Fourth time 87 GN owner. Just purchased totally original with no mods. Looking forward to being a member and fun chats . Cheers
NOS and used parts (reply).

Site will not let me upload pictures (although resized). Do you have an alternate email I can send the requested pictures to?
2) NOS GN "3.8 SFI" Hood Emblem (1) $25.00
3) NOS Turbo-T Fender Emblems (2) $50.00
5) Headliner clips (qty 6 - hardtop) $12.00
11) Blackout Headlight (2) Covers $20.00
12) Turbo-T Wheel Caps (2)