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I saw that you just went to e85. I am considering doing the same thing with my TTA and wanted to ask how you like it so far? What all did you change out and if you are comfortable telling what type of expense was incurred? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

ROLLIE, I would be interested in one of the on center intakes.
please let me know
Give me a call 810-875-8601 Brad
the converter has minimal use and no issues?

if all good will you do $450.00 shipped to 01983? just north of Boston,
I have a question about my account. How do I change the name on the account? I'm concerned people see my full name and not my chosen nickname (JP) when I post things on the website.
If you don't sale local. How much for the MT 255/60/15 Shipped to GA. And how much thread is on them. Thanks John
is cronanzone buying it? i will buy it if he doesn't
Sorry for the delay, I just responded to cronanzone. I'll let you know if he bails. Can you pm me your contact info.
Hi guys,
I can't seem to access and posted photos of cars, or files (like manuals, etc). When attempting to see a photo, it goes to a "oops..something wrong " page. Any way to correct this?
hi do you still have the ATR Kidney plate,if so what do you need for it thank you Ralph
I think I still have one attached to a heater box. I would say $100+shipping.
Ok PayPal ok???
My 87 is doing the exact same thing as yours in your video you posted several years back with the brake motor running and squealing and then the cooling fans coming on high speed. Did you ever come to a resolution?