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Added new ARP wheel studs today. Quite long.. had to use open nuts. They look hardcore cool, not pretty. The piece of mind is worth it.
Going to replace the injectors in my 87 GN. My dad passed away and left it to me. Haven't ran in about 5 years. New tank and fuel pump. tried to start up but it wouldn't. A friend said the injectors were not opening. Need to know the stock lbs. to buy injectors. any help will be appreciated as learn about this car. Only 61,000 miles
You used to have some 3" aluminum TTA MAF pipes. I could use 2 or 3 if you still have em...Bill
sorry haven't done them in years.

Hey Man, I have paypal ready for you on that Pit Bull? Sorry, for delay, wife was having surgery though and I couldn't respond at the time which is why I said, hang tight!! However, ready to go now, just let me know??
Sent you a private msg Phillip
Adam, do you have a stock ported intake or set of ported heads. Have a customer getting a new build. Thanks Bob.
Looking for set of ported heads and intake for gn. Can call or text 816-392-7627. Thanks Bob.
I need a torque converter. The cam specs are 264/272 advertised. 202/210@ .050. 112 LSA using 1.6:1 RR. .416/.432 lift. I don’t have a record for pushrod length so I would assume that it has stock length pushrods.
Matt, OK - the timing cover is yours. Let me know if you still want the wastegate actuator we had corresponded about awhile back......

Would drop off to you, but the inshore fishing has been terrible in St. Augustine (lot's of nighttime giggers).

grass doctor
grass doctor
no problem I got a waste gate from ken Gund , ill give you a call thx
New parts on the way!
Cold Case two core perf rad & FlowKooler W/P. Will do an unboxing on UTube.
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