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If you still have the stock heads I asked about.....If you could get shipping cost to 44053 let me know. I could really use them.
Hello, You typed the following as you reported a post: "Yes a change the valve spring my spring only get me 80 pound now 140 ." You may wish to go back to that thread and try again, but , this time be careful to "reply" instead of "report". I didn't see anything to report, did I miss something? :)

Glad that my 84 has been in some of the best hands within the GN community honestly just grateful to have met guys like Steve Kanner from commando racing as well as @garyk1970 from Carrtunz!
Thanks ! And I hope all is well.
spring time is almost here and my turbo Buick shall be ready to hurt some feelings on the streets of SoCal
I'm in need of a "hot air tube" - S Tube from the Oil Filler Cap to Air Intake.
and a waste gate.... both to fit a 84-85 Hot Air
In case you would want a V-6 carb intake that is new i have a few. I know you have bought one but saw it had the EGR welded up and general used. Mine have Smokey Yunick cast into the intake, for reference . Just a long shot. More info and pics if interested
Didn't want to really high jack the guys thread.

Austin Kendall
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