XFI Custom harness, XFI 2.05 ecu(red box) with wideband and 3bar map, Scanmaster G for XFI

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Oct 10, 2002
Just pulled from car, all works 100% perfect.

Custom XFI harness from 2015, 6-7k street miles

See attachment for specs from caspers,

I added wiring into the harness for oil/fuel pressure and boost solenoid/pressure sensors, you'll need to run wires to them to use them again but the headache getting them out there is done. Also added a second data connector if you want to hook up scanmaster G and laptop via cable at the same time.

XFI Ecu has 2.05 software and can send you my config files if you want.

Will include 3bar map sensor and Wideband O2

1900 shipped for wiring harness and ECU

Also have a Scanmaster G for xfi , 200 shipped, don't have pictures but it has a silver bezel and in mint condition..


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