XFI 2.05 Plug n Play Package

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Ok guys you do NOT want to miss out on this Special.
We are offering the XFI 2.05 Complete Plug N Play Package with Internal Logger for $1,650.00 (regular price $2,150.00)

This is a $500.00 discount (y)

Package includes everything:
XFI 2.05, Wideband O2, O2 Connection Cable, Communication Cable, USB to Serial Port Adapter, Software, Plug n Play Long Lead Adapter Harness, 3 Bar MAP Sensor, O2 Bung, Custom Start Up Program installed and Tech Support.

Plus, the FAST XFI Touch Screen E-Dash discounted to $330.00 if purchased with the XFI 2.05

*Special Good until March 2nd, 2018

So don't miss out, give us a call 321-610-1500


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For you New XFI owners that bought in on this Special. I offer an under seat mounting system for the unit. Comes complete with stainless hardware.
This mount was designed to be used with the long lead adapter harness that Cal included in this package.

( It’s been installed in many cars. Seat and seat adjuster lever clear the unit no matter where the seat is set )

$75.50 shipped, insurance, and PayPal fees.
Message me for ordering.

Thank you


I hope I didn’t miss out. I’ve been trying to call this morning and afternoon to purchase. It just keeps going to voicemail.

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I ordered mine yesterday just in time, I will pm. Will this fit with your seatbelt retractor under the seat?