WTB-Stage 2 Oil pump pickup tube assembly


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Looking for an complete Oil pump pickup tube setup for Stage 2 block that will work with RJC 14 bolt pan.


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Just buy a TA oil pump and install a AN pick up on the pan pretty striat forward. I did a similar setup on my on center motor .


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You have to buy the TA pickup and cut and weld the flange. TA sells the flange to work with the S2 internal pickup in the block so you can run a stock style oil pump. You then have to drill and tap a main cap for a place to mount the pick up support. It is pretty straight fwd, I actually just did this as I just put together a new 012 S2 motor for my ttype.

I put the oil return into the top side of the front cover instead of the pan and can use the factory oil return which you can not go to the stock locations with a S2 block since there is an oil port there. If you can wait I will be able to send pics of the pan and pick up assembly in the spring. I am in the middle of building a new garage and have everything stored away. Give me a call if you still have my #.