WTB: 1k Mile or less 1987 GN or Turbo T


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How much would a sub 1K mile go for in todays market? $75K?
Good call!!! I heard the twins just went for 147K ish. Both had less than 1K miles. So add a little $$ because of their notoriety but then take away a little $$ because 2 were bought and we are at around 75K.
Its sad the original owner just let them sit there to deteriorate and collect dust. Low miles and consecutive serial numbers kept the value high. Did they not sell for $200K when they were sold the first time?


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^^^^Allegedly $205,699 on Ebay about 3 years ago.
I used to think it was sad but now I don't. They were his cars and his choice. Would it be better if he drove them and cracked them up? Or had them stolen? Or had given them up in a divorce? Or raced them and beat them up?? Again, not what I would have done, but he did preserve 2 of the 80's best for someone. Yeah they have to put $1000's in them to drive them but they still have a GN with less than 1000 miles. The whole GN community knows and is talking about them. Millions on the internet now know about those cars. Like 3 people know about my GN. LOL. I would want to see them if I could. Even if in his living room.
If everyone did what I would to them (and I'm presuming you too) there would be no low mileage 100% stock OEM GN's out there. And to be honest that would be sad for me.


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There is also a 33 original mile one for sale on classic cars.com but I’m getting a lot of pop up spam crap from them. Any low mile one id run a true carfax and look it over with a fine tooth comb.