Wrong load index on tires........


will the wrong load index on 255-35-18 with load index of 90W cause any issues? I was advised that they should've ordered 255-35-18 with 94XL load index.


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Lots of potential issues. Stock tire was a 96 load rating. My state (with a safety inspection) would not allow any tire under a 96 load rating. Tire shops here won't install them. Too much potential liability.
Speaking of liability, if you were to get in an accident (hopefully Not), the other drivers lawyers will be looking for any "defective or inferior" equipment you would have.
Note also, the faster you go, the Higher the rating you need.
Plus, that tire is a full inch shorter than the factory tire. That might cause speedo. and vss problems.
Just my thoughts, hope it doesn't give you nightmares. :/


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a 90 load index is 1323 lbs max, per tire.
a 94 load index, is 1477 lbs max, per tire.
so thats 2646 lbs per axle (90 rating
vs 2954 lbs per axle ( 94 rating)

no idea what your car weighs, but this will give you an idea of max load.


I believe the white GN is at 3200/3600 lbs. so why would tire shop state this 90w load index is ok ? As I went to ask them to exchange them for the proper load index. But since they are already mounted, they reall didn't want to negotiate at all. I bought the wheels with tires already mounted. So it seems my only option is to buy 2 new front tires, even though these are new, less than 800miles on them.