WOW, better be the best '85 ever


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From the ad:

"The Grand National, in today’s standards, is like the 2013 Shelby GT500 with both cars being a working man’s supercar."

Except that an H/A '85 is a little more equal to a '97 GT............ 215 horse power and all.:p


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Also from the ad:

"You won't find another 1985 GRAND NATIONAL T TYPE at this price"...

I hope not!!!

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And this:

BUICK GRAND NATIONAL T TYPE the lowest production GN ever made at less than 175 PRODUCED IN 1985

And a minor point, but I do believe the repro window sticker is in error.
It shows Sand Grey as interior color, and to my knowledge, the 85 was Med Dark Grey like the 86 & 87.
82 & 84 = Sand Grey; aka Beige

But in all fairness - it might be the best 85 ever.
It is immaculate. Everywhere.
For someone wanting something like this for a collection, to fill in that 85 year - this would be a car to have.

To me the 85's are neither fish no foul.
They don't have the more desirable LS interior of the 84s, nor the motor of the 86's
Outliers if you will.

But we should all cheer it on and hope it sells for that.
It would help the value of all of our cars.
I say go for it!