Would anyone recommend Kirban's Book

I have just finished reading this book. I was curious what other people thinks about it. I must say that I agree, the book is great. I definitely recommend it to everybody
I love this book. I must admit that I'm biased especially about the article on page 352 where Fred Vetter talks about... my car! 😁


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I appreciate all the kind words. writing a book or several books is not an easy task I was fortunate that I did this back when I had between 5 and 7 of them sitting at my home for sale. I would keep folders on my desk for various chapters and add to them at nite....Buick did not make things easy with their various models the biggest issue is it would have been nice had Buick given the Turbo ones a speerate model or VIN number so owners years later could determine how many they made seperate from regular Regals and then in 1987 they threw int he Limited ones the vette owners have it easier down to exact production numbers of options and colors per year all easy to find in their Corvette Black Books....

today especially you can find very little literature on our cars look how tough it is to find a simple original 1987 regal owners manual...they fetch big money. What is nice about a book you get buyers of the book that don't own the car....also zero complaints!

Took over a year to write the 400 page book...drove my wife crazy as although I knew what I wanted to say my grasp of proper english is terrible. She on the other hand knows proper sentence structure. (she was on the honor roll in high school while I was at the other end of the spectrum)

The first book I did is also the biggest book and the one that has sold the best now in its 5th printing.....I got my inspiration to do this book from my Buddies Chuck Roberts and Paul Zazarine that did the GTO restoration book that has been a huge seller to the GTO market for many many years. I also contributed to their book. Also, I have read many interesting essay ideas on different topics, like death penalty and many others on https://studydriver.com/death-penalty/ , one of the best writing service. This was very important for me. I would recommend everybody try it, it's very interesting and useful. They had no idea that book they did would become such a huge seller. In that world in 1966 they sold 80,000 GTOs alone so the market share is a lot bigger than the turbo regal market.

thanz to those that have bought any of my books...


Yep, the book is just great. that's true