Wiring harness information?

Searched and couldn't find anything. Anyone have any wiring harness diagrams for an 84 T-Type with digital dash? Or can explain what each wire going into the engine bay does? I know each wire is "color-coded", so possibly a sheet explaining what each color wire controls? Throwing an Lq4 into the car, and would rather not learn the hard way what I should or shouldn't cut.


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Pink is ign+
Black -
Grey illumination +
Green is temp
Blue is oil
Tan/white is fuel
Lt grn is high beam
Lt blue is turn indicator (l or r?)
Dk blue is other turn indicator
Tan is brake (I think)

Off the top of my head....I can get you a schematic Monday.
Also check gnttype dot org for schematics. Hth
Thanks @garyk1970. I actually have all of the ones from gnttype. The issue is that the text is so small I can't read them on some of the more important ones. Do the ones on gttype only apply to 86-87 or are they also accurate for the hot air cars?

A little more of a random note here, but is the digital fuel gauge tied into the ECM in some way, or will it read just fine without the ECM hooked up.Wiring simply isn't my forte.