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Looking for some advice. Roof liner coming down. Hood supports not holding. Bumper fillers cracked. I have new gm fillers in plastic that came with the car or should I get new ones. Thanks
you have gnx #97 , I would definitely use the OEM GM fillers you have in plastic, are they already painted??
as for the hood shocks most mainstream sellers like kirbans, gbodyparts, highway stars, classic industries, Original parts group one of those should have them, you can look at headliners there too or go onto parts wanted section and do a post.
a reputable body shop or auto re upholstery shop can fix headliner , do your research on those shops
hope reggie tightened you up , these guys on here know there stuff
good luck with your baby, welcome to the site :cool:
love to see some pics of that girl
WELCOME GNX97 TO THE FORUM !!... ask questions and listen and learn.. Just wondering about GNX97 history, is
it tied to your family , are did you just come across a silent auction , because GNX and T/B owner usually find out about these
cars when there on the market for sale.