Winter is here whats everybody's project they got cooking??


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Last thing I did to the GN was put the new front hubs on it. Wasn't bad, except for the fact I have a bad case of CRS.... Completely and utterly forgot I put long wheel studs in them, to clear the thicker rotors and still have enough lug engagement. None of the usual parts stores had any, and if they did; they didnt have enough of them. Local parts warehouse came through. $27 for 10 new ones. Then I had to buy the tool from Pep Boys since I couldn't hammer them in. Car runs and drives fine. No noises. Gonna go out and put the tender on it tonight.

Hopefully sometime before spring it will go to the body shop. New body bushings, stainless brake lines, GNX rear seat brace, new rear fillers, repainted bumpers, new headliner. All kinds of stuff. Then it will get new fuel lines too. Maybe a new valvespring setup and bigger turbo. Who knows...


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Well winter is .....hell it feels like spring here on the east coast what's people's plans for this winter! I just got my Digitails LED tail lights for Christmas started on the install.

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Let us know how the install goes.

I'm very interested in a set of those tail lamps.


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I have the LED tail lights also. They are awesome. I had other electrical issues in the car so the install took longer than it should have. This winter I need to replace my fuel sending unit, new front brake pads, and install my new speakers I bought on black Friday.


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I finished the install yesterday got all the wiring nicely tucked away! The install is pretty easy. Wish they would use better wires and they don't give you any connectors to splice into the stock harness. Had to use my own along with some additional wire. The wire they give you is not long enough to reach the harness in the trunk on the driver side. Having LED lights in the car is BA! Brings the car into the 21st century! Oh and they need to include LED bulbs for the brake/ side light in the tailights. Those smaller bulbs. Turn signals and flashers work all around the car. Didn't do the front lights. Also installed the LED flasher that you have to buy for the kit.

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