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We are in the midst of the highest number of recorded snow storms for our area since they started to keep records. Already 12-16 inches has fallen in my immediate area and its snowing again tonite.

We were closed Thursday and perhaps may be closed Friday as well. I think my grand daughter will be going to school until mid July at this rate.

Here are few items we have to offer. Again email me direct refer to number/letter code. Price shown includes shipping to the basic 48 states. PA residents add 6% sales tax.
Descriptions are accurate as I do not deal in photos.

2-A I have 3 good used Cardone brake accumulator bowls. New they run $199.95 each. Never had a bad one yet. Remember the brake bowl is not a cure all for the powermaster but in most cases wil solve your brake issue as long as fluid is clean and none of the check valves are stuck and you are not blowing a fuse or fluid is leaking. Price is $85. each

2-B Similar to above only it is for the 2nd design GM GE brake bowl tested and within 15% of the original PSI specs. These are decent looking original brake bowls with the yellow wording on them. I got 6 of them to sell cheap at $65 each. These are worth having as a spare!

2-C Off a 12,000 mile GN an original trans pan with the mounting hardware. Nice enough to call new. Just $40 buys it. Its for the 2004R transmission

2-D Again off a 12,000 mile 1987 GN the stock EGR valve complete with clamp gasket and pop on plastic cap. In a box it would pass for new $50 to own it.

2-E For a burgundy interior Turbo Regal a nice pair of used burgundy sun visors passenger one has optional stick on mirror includes chrome swivel joints ready to install. $35 and you own them.

2-F Same as 2-E but has no mirror option same color nice condition $30 to own this pair.

2-G For the 1987 Turbo Regal owner seeking some of the booklets that would have come in the glove box and are hard to find. Package deal The AC Delco radio booklet, the Goodyear Tire warranty booklet, the 1987 GM Maintanance booklet and the Lets Talk booklet. All 4 plus as a bonus the 60 page 1987 Buck Price Guide booklet that list every option for every Buick model with trunk ID code and GM price. Total of 5 booklets al in good shape just $35.

2-H Similar to 2-G only this set doe snot include the AC Delco radio booklet. so its 3 booklets plus the 1987 Buick Price Guide directory and the price is $30.

Tis it for this grouping.

Quick story: Good friend of ours actually he makes among other items the thermostat housings and the horn collars for us, lost his house to a devasting fire during last weeks power outage. He was at work a person at a nearby house spotted sparks around 7 am and then nothing called 911 they were busy said they would check on it in a few hours. This guy was simply house sitting and was not sure what street the house was on since he saw it from a window. Three hours later he sees flames calls 911 again police come searching area thinking it is on another street and then spot it. By then its too late house burned to the ground from they believe a power surge to the fuse box.

This friend of ours his main business is repairing bent wheels one reason he has been working long hours and wasn't home because of so many pot holes in our area.

Hard to catch a break.

Dennis Kirban

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Kirban Update - Friday Again we were closed today got 4-6 inches last nite of heavy white snow.

Been a back breaking winter in my area...


Here is what is left at this point still got some 2-A and 2-B left and @-E and 2-F everything else is sold or spoken for waiting on $$$$$

My stuff has a tendency to sell rather quickly....


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Dennis I just sent u an email about your fiberglass bumpers thanks.Tim

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