Windows Vista Drivers GEN II and Powerlogger


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What drivers files and procedure do I follow to use with my laptop running windows Vista to upgrade the GEN II version 1.03 to the latest 1.2 I believe I downloaded from Full Throttles site.

I want the latest drivability upgrades to work since it's on the daily driver now.

Any help would be appreciated. :smile:

Same question for installing and running the Powerlogger software and connecting if there's Vista specific or what drivers needed to get that to work.

Search got me Windows 7 info. but not too much on Vista.


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for the powerlogger, the drivers that came with it are the latest and will work with xp, vista, and 7

for the Gen2, you can download the files from Full Throttle Tech, but you will need the proper cable. Its the same cable the Translator Pro uses, DB9F on each end, wired 1:1 with no signals crossed.



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Okay where does the cable actually go in the puter?

Serial port?

I think they are female jacks in my one laptop that has one.......

You gotta find a way to make these upgrades bluetooth wireless. :biggrin:


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Is there a link to the exact procedure to do it?

I haven't found that part yet.

Got all those drivers and applications but the procedure isn't in the GEN II manual as to the proper sequence and procedure to update it.

I'm not sure why it wasn't included in the manual PDF that is in that download? :confused:

I'll keep reading a look a little further....