Win #3 For The GN This Year!


60% of the time, it works every time.
Hey guys, just posting some video from yesterday's SCCA autox at Texas Motor Speedway in the rain. I was against an '05 Mustang and an '89 IROC Camaro both running full autox slicks. That probably hurt them in the rain while I was on Rivals. Either way, it was a blast sliding the GN around and taking the win by .260 seconds over the IROC and almost 2 seconds over the Mustang! That's three wins out of four events so far this year for the GN, so hopefully we can keep the streak rolling. It's fun introducing a whole new crowd to the Darkside! I even got voted most entertaining runs of the day lol. Enjoy!

Cool ! Really enjoyed watching your keychain react to the g's !! Good work ,
Keep it up !!

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