Why are plumbers always the problem!!! Actually G.C. in general


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Long story short: I am a superintendent of a luxury co op in NYC. I oversee all day to day operations and renovations in ppls apts. Few rules to really go by buy for some reason they can't seem to follow. When installing branch valves you must braze t.p. to copper fitting. Guys come w small map gas tanks trying to braze. It's crazy. Plumbers installing toilet offset so bad that there's going to be problems later on. And the General Contractor just wants to take $ and run. Wish the building would allow me to do the work!! Sorry rant for day. Below is picture of toilet offset 2" and you can see the bend is going to be a problem.


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Some do crappy work because most of the time it will never be seen. When a problem shows up down the road they get paid to fix their own shoddy work. At work we had one remove the cap on a 2 inch line without turning off the water first. The ladies in the office were running around screaming in panic and the guy looked around and said "fk it I quit because I am going to be fired anyway" and left with water still spraying. But I have seen several to top notch work. Just like any trade there are morons mixed in with the rest.


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After I wrote post I definitely don't want to be blaming all plumber but its the one trade I always have a problem with. Gets aggrivating. Then it's a fight with them. Sometimes the shareholders of apt see what I'm doing is good but most think I'm breaking balls. That's really nuts. Guy just quits and leaves water running.. I've had contractors remove sink but not cap waste. Sure enough back up in the line and water from 4 all the way to Basement...


I see that behavior in all trades. The people that charge the most seem to do the shittiest work.

That’s if they show up at all.

Some just take the money and never answer the phone.

One needs to be very weary when doing business with anyone in any field.



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Instead of getting all upset can't you just verify whetheror not its code compliant? If it aain't tip off the inspector and let him do the dirty work..


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Well its code compliant because it would never have gone that far. It's long term when they have issues flushing and I get called to deal with over flowing water. I usually don't get mad but this reno has worn me out..
Evil you are 200% correct. These people pay lots of money and the work is so crappy. Few contractors impress me.


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Pride in workmanship...Seems like the longer I'm in this business the less I see it. Back when I was in the field it seemed to be more of a point of emphasis compared to today...


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Could be wrong but current codes are written in part to ensure long term reliability, its either right or wrong, that's how it is with electrical anyway..


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Anything that's old and been worked on by more than a few people is often a big shit house. Turbo regals are no exception. More often than not the process used to assemble and manufacture can't be duplicated. One thing you will find with engines is that it's virtually impossible to maintain the assembly room cleanliness and assembly consistency that the manufacturer did. I can't believe some of the things I see. I can't believe some of the things I see posted on these forums regarding problems that arise when they were almost always because of lack of knowledge. Some contractors are dirt bags but I can say that there's no good contractor that's cheap. If they are good and have the integrity they know it and know what their time is worth.

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