who's car "bought the farm" in tustin,


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OWEEEEEEE..... Where's " Tustin " ? ( Look's Like they've got 12" high curbs there & 1 less Poplar tree)


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Tustin is "orange county, Ca," so Kalif.
don't know whos this is, but feel bad for them, as I've been just a few inches short of doing the same thing.


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Hey Ralph,

Is this one of "The Mafia's" cars? I hope not. I feel bad for whomever it belongs too. I'm sure they are just sick, too.


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And.......... A bit banged up ? ( I don't see a steering column that survived :eek:)


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I got a text from my buddy Morgan in Hawaii with that pic attached asking me if I knew who was involved. I didn't so I contacted Beto and he didn't have any intel either. The good news is that there are 2 GN rollers on CL right now. :rolleyes: