Where to put flex fuel sensor?


Looking for the exact location guys have used to put the flex fuel sensor. I'll be running a new -6 return line next week and have a flex fuel sensor to go in the line, so I can put my SD2 in flex fuel mode. I've seen a recommendation to put it way in the back by the gas tank, and another to put it up front somewhere by the master cylinder. Looking for ideas and a more detailed description than what I have found so far, and pictures would be super helpful.




I suppose you then ran the wires back up to the front of the car alongside the fuel lines? Maybe in some wire loom kind of protective covering? or did you run the wiring inside the car?


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Doesn't matter where you out it. Just mount it where you want it so it's a nice clean install

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I mounted mine on the return line under the drivers door . Here’s a pic