Where to find new pumps?


Livin' Like A Refugee
Im pretty sure I hurt the pump in my trans after both of the cooler lines rubbed through on each other. Lost about 5 quarts of fluid but I made it home. Patched it up and managed to save the trans, for the most part. Shifts okay under light/part throttle but the pressure definitely isn't there at WOT. Car still has all its gears and lockup is great. Just drove it to the beach and back (in a torrential downpour).

Trans currently has a 10 vane pump in it. Where can I get a new or a good used pump that'll be reliable?

Gonna put a pressure gauge on it tomorrow or Tuesday and see what's up with it.

Thanks for any advice.



Livin' Like A Refugee
Thanks for all the help guys. My trans guy was slow today so I brought the car over and we took a look at it. Hooked up the gauge and the pressures were fine at idle with car sitting level on the four post lift. As soon as he back it down and the angle changed, it started acting up. He took it out and the pressure wasn't even 60psi just before the shift. So we dropped the pan...

And found the filter sitting in the bottom of it! We found the problem. I don't know how it happened, but it did. Fresh filter and gasket, and some new fluid and she was back ready to go. Car feels real good now even though the band and direct clutches may have seen a little heat.

If I need any parts in the future, I'll know where to go. :cool: