Where is a good place to buy 3" IC hose?


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I need some 3" hose for the IC and MAF pipe. Where is a good place to get it?
Local parts stores?



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Local parts stores? Probably not.
I would just look at any of the venodrs on the home page, and give one of them a call. I get mine from Jack Cotton. Cottonsperformance.com.


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I have some brand new reinforced 3" hoses-two pieces about 14" or so long.make me an offer.i can measure them thursday if you like.


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Look for commercial hydraulic shops. Specifically the ones that make high pressure hose. They will have the good stuff. At least they do over by me:)


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You have to take your time searching cause its easy to buy the wrong stuff. Thats where i got mine. Blue silicone hose that you just cut to length yourself with an exacto blade. They also have kick ass band clamps and they deliver everything to your home. We have an account at work, so anything I order before noon will usually arrive the same day. If you order by credit card, it'll ship next day.


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here, I found the page. But the link doesnt provide the ordering bar. So find what you need, write down the part number, then go to mcmaster.com and type the part number into the search bar and itll take you to the page. Order now and you'll have it tomorrow. Its the middle product. Blue hose, and comes in whatever size you need. Make sure the ID is correct. It'll be pretty tight and will take some stretching beforehand to get it on. This is a good thing though...no leakage. You should use some WD-40 to help it slip on. 1 foot will be enough.

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2 doors just aint enough
Really?? That's good to know. The last time I checked they didn't have it. Of course, that was probably about 10 years ago. I just never asked again.
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they may not have it in stock BUT there warehouse does .... call in the morning and have it in the afternoon :cool: IT IS NOT THE WIZ BANG SILICONE HOSE ..but it works


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The hose used on my car (was on there when I bought it) looks like oversized radiator hose. Does Napa actually carry the replacement parts for this make and model of vehicle?