When you are thinking about upgrading...


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a lot of people look for max watt on amp and subs you should always look for the rms on sub and amp and match those close as possible and check the ohm ratings!

Jakob Lafler

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what is the greatest combination for a rockford fosgate cd player system i have a 12 in punch woofer in it now what else do i need to get to feel that heart pounding base the blacks have in there rides


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GLOCKANDROLL what would you charge to do door panels and horn boxes? My roll cage coming down right where all of your equipment is (straight thru 4x10s). I am going to use two Carver m240s. Your system looks like dudes that one competition all the time. Nice work. No where else for horns. I'm going to have vintage air,Fast EFI/Fast XIM.
All behind glove box lot of sh_t going on. Also fuel cell trunk. I know i can squeeze sub between bars and mount all equip on sheeet metal behind seat which i will need for tech inspection.