When did NASCAR cars get trunks?


Was watching the race today, when one of the pit crew went to the back of a car and opened the TRUNK. When did this happen or have I been so blind to have never noticed this. I would think this would make a less save car, having another panel, the trunk lid, go flying in a crash. I always thought the rear end of the car was solid.

Chuck Leeper

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And now they are carbon fiber. The hoods are also CF....Another "cost saving" trik, courtesy NASCAR. Not sure on the trunk lid, but they mentioned the hoods are not "playing nice" at 200mph....At the paltry sum of $2400 per.:rolleyes:


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the biggest differance in the decklids is that they were fabricated by the teams in the COT cars and with the gen 6 cars the manufacturer ( Chevy, Ford, Toyota) build them now to specs so the teams can't fudge with them.


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the deck lids are pined down an the spoiler adjstments are on the decklid ... I got a dale sr decklid when he wrecked in texas