whats your favorite food to fix at home?


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If you like pork, this is for you.

Take some of those thick boneless pork chops and marinade in worshistershire sauce, soya sauce and olive oil for about a few hours. Then wrape the outside with bacon using toothpicks to hold the bacon on. Then toss those mothers on the BBQ.


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Some margarita mix about 12 ozs.
Some orange juice about 10 ozs.
Couple shots of Tequila ( optional )
Any kind of chicken, remove the skin, boneless skinless breasts are best. Put in a plastic container or large ziplok bag with the marinade for a couple hours.
Throw on the grill and every couple minutes baste with left over marinade, about 10 min. on each side over medium heat.
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There have been some GREAT recipes posted here over the years... Unfortunately most of them seem to have been wiped out in one of the periodic thread deletions. :(

Here's one I started a couple of months ago just before my wedding, while I was getting ready to cook the rehearsal dinner grub:


I have quite a few more easy ones I can re-post here in a bit if y'all want.

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Mainly the wife (newly) and I love to BBQ steaks, whip up some sort of potato deal, and a veggie.....

our favorite veggie is a green bean dish made like this.......

1 lb of fresh beans
quarter cup butter (marg)
half onion chopped
1 Tbsp garlic minced
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 cubes beef bouillon
1/4 cup water
salt and pepper to taste

melt butter in frying pan, add beans, onion, garlic. stir in soy.
desolve cubes in water (in microwave) and add to pan
reduce heat to low and simmer 20 min or so.....

they are GREAT! and I hate veggies!


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it goes like this...

take a bigass slab of elk steak and throw it on the top shelf of the grille.leave the grille on full blast and close the lid.a couple minutes on each side is sufficient.

slap it on the plate and take it inside.take your knife and cut it straight down the middle,letting the blood run out.salt and pepper the blood.there's your sauce:D.hack off a chunk,swish it around in the sauce and throw it down the hatch.

wash it down with a pint of black butte porter or a mason jar of tang:D

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I like making pizza and anything in my Showtime Rotisserie (?spelling). You know, that infommerical that is on all weekend. Set It and Forget It. Anything that comes out of that thing is great.


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Nice that all you guys can afford elk steak(unless you hunted it) and steak etc.... for myself and other college guys we have to rely on the good ole brick of Ramen noodles. However I've come up with great ways to spruce them up into full meals by adding chicken breasts(the value frozen bag of breasts) and additional spices, fresh celery, carrots, onions, and peppers depending on the original Ramen flavor.

about the elk steak....one of my buddy's killed one a couple months ago and we recently cooked up about 4 steaks...try this

marinate in 1/2 bottle of Worschester(? spelling) sauce and a full bottle of thick and hearty A1. then sprinkle on some basil before you throw on the grill. pretty simple but damn good

cook to your liking(I like medium rare) and you'll be in heaven


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unemployed full time college student:)

killed my 4-point bull in jackie's thicket last fall,30 yards,75# pse,bear razorheads:D.

rifles are for pvssies:eek: ...


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A cup of Onion soup (guyere cheese, and submerged garlic bread), a 1.5" Ribeye sautéed in butter and garlic, a little pink in the middle, saute'ed onions in butter, garlic, and Teryaki, a big, loaded, baked potato with butter, chives, diced onions, bacon, and sour cream, and for dessert; a 5' 6" 120 lb. platinum blonde, blue eyed, Irish taco, smothered in silk,
Ice creme, whipped creme, and fudge syrup on the side....
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