whats this thing worth

found a TTA locally but the seats are shot the floors are gone and it will have a salvage title when all is said and done
the car runs and moves but the fuel pump is not getting power so i hotwired it to get it fired the motor sounds perfect makes boost, good oil pressure , no leaks that i can see so far it has been sitting for many years, its it worth trying to save and fix or should i part it out since it has lots of good parts on it
http://s545.photobucket.com/albums/hh370/boogeyman_010/TTA/ here`s the link to all the pics i have of it, if u want something and are semi local pm me and we can work something out


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the car is totally stock as a rock every part aside from the badges and seats and a few interior peices that are just shot is all there and in pretty good shape


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There's only 1,555 of them and if it has cloth interior even less so my vote is to save it even tho it looks like a complete train wreck. Where'd you find that? It looks like it's been sitting in a swamp.


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I'd pass too. The exhaust manifolds would prolly be worth the most $$, if they were in good shape and cleaned.



It's like someone tried there damndest to ruin a collector car. Why?
Soap and water ain't that hard to get.:confused:


How much is it? I'd buy and sit on it for a while. Like my 86 LeSabre Grand Nat. not worth a whole lot right now because of the market but last I checked there are not making any more of them any time soon.


It depends on what you want. You want a project car...that is one. Want a fast buck...part it out. As far as the title....when these cars do (or should I say if) become highly sought after I don't think the title will be a big issue. Would be VERY expensive to fix all the problems.
i got the car out of a junkyard, it had been sitting for approx 8 years the inside of the car is in horrible shape the dash console, switches and most of the odds and ends are in really good shape but the floors, carpet, seats headliner,t tops, are all trashed but its stone cold stock a fairly low miles on it but i need cash right now more than anything.
anyone need parts ???? located in joliet ill


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wish i had the money for another project. hopefully someone would buy the entire car from you to restore it that way you get some extra money from one hell of a junkyard find and another time piece is saved.

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It sounds, to me, like you want money FAST but you also don't want to part out the car correctly.

In that case, sell it as a whole to someone on here. Parting out a car is a huge hassle.