Whats this 87 worth?


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Not to be a dick but for $10k and what it would take to get it presentable someone could buy one already to cruise for less. A decent paint job is going to be "at least" 5 grand.
Have you priced a decent paint job now days? And especially being black if not done right it will look terrible.
I had my GN repainted in 2006 and spent 11 grand with no major bodywork and that was a good deal.


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10 for the car, 5 for cheap paint, 2 interior, 1 tires, 1 exterior referb.

That's already 19k and dont know if itll crank not to mention is the wiring okay? Floorboard okay? Etc etc.

Yeah these cars are worth money, so are the parts needed to make it worth it. 4k as is. Jmho.


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I wouldn't give more than 8K and that's for it running and driving. Paint is the big detractor IMO. It would be a neat project to bring a GN back to life, so maybe there's someone that's looking specifically for that and is willing to pay a little more.
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There's a few things to Unpack there. For starters, he was asking $18k like 5 minutes ago. He dropped to $14000 which we can agree is a good price considering what most people are asking for these cars now. Second, His car is also not perfect. It has 114,000 miles, Duct taped bumper fillers, moon roof and so so looking paint. That's without actually looking the car over in person. His ad is vague and lists ZERO issues in the description. Let's assume there are some as my experiences tell me there will be. That car is maxed out at this price level. $14000-15000 is the ceiling on the car.

The car in question is a 55,000 mile car. If you address the engine which looks to be mainly detail and maintenance, replace a few things in the interior and do a strip and dip paint job the car is on a different level. It would be a $55k mile Hard top car. Not a 114000 mile moon roof car. $15,000 is definitely a stretch but a starting point. As I said I wouldn't take less than $10k. There may be a guy with money in the bank that buys it for $10-12k and sends it right to the paint shop to make it a beautiful car.

I could have it looking great in a couple of weekends too if I called in the "Search and Restore" team. Look at Blackazz' roller, what did he want, $6k and he thought that might be too much and its immaculate and someone grabbed it right up. Throw an engine in it save 1,000s. Just one example. Most of us I think would want to be taken for a ride (not a monetary one, haha) or at least make sure it runs.
Fast86 said he paid $11k for a paint job in 2006, $14,231 in today's fiat dollars. I'm sure it was close to show quality but I'm talking something you walk into a GM dealer and see a black car type. 5 years ago that was about 5k around here at a good reputable shop.
It may only have 55k miles on it but looks like that 3 times over. I'd take a higher mileage one any day that the owner has taken care of and shown some love and pride in ownership.
Don't get me wrong, a seller can ask whatever he wants but depends on how much you really want to sell it. If he gets that amount than bless his heart.

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jeez I got rear quarters , doors and roof , rear bumper Done for 2500 and that was the best place in town, that specializes in restorations Quality
all that s left is the front fenders, hood and truck lid
they wet sanded and fixed all little imperfections, de trimmed, took glass quarters out and installed new weather stripping GM stuff I found and paid arm and leg for they also took moon roof out and did that weather strip , and new carpet I supplied from high way stars
guess I got a great deal :p
shop foreman and owner really loved the car and kept it inside for me , little cash tip didn't hurt either for the head guy !!


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I paid over $1K to get a door resprayed last year. I would hate to pay for the whole thing!
That's a give a me a shot of Wild Turkey moment. In 2014 a smuck backed into me at the gas station and had to get another header panel and a few left side pieces which meant getting right side also. They had to do a very slight bit of work to the fender and repaint that. With parts, which I had to find (yes, a real Buick header panel) and labor it was about $2400 so pretty darn reasonable. Just a small shop out in the country but the guy is anal about his work. Always take lots of pictures to document.
A shame they used lacquer so it has to be stripped to the metal. Although if someone wanted to go Scrooge they could just rough it up good and use some enamel with hardener. Did an old Blazer like that once and it held up like tank armor.

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it did stay at there shop for two months , but I told them im in no hurry as long as it stays inside , and it didn't hurt that I gave him some grass doctor chemicals to take care of his yard and destroy his flea problem in his yard for his dogs , its all about people helping people :p