Whats needed to install injectors / flowbench and clean injectors

I am planning to swap my injectors, ironically for smaller ones that are currently installed.
Do I need to change the chip?

I running stock ecm with translator.

Dont know the current injector size but they seems too big right now. So unless I find a way to improve the mixture by leaning it a bit.


I have limited tuning skills...so others opinions will def shed a better light.
I have to ask what leads you to believe your inj are too big? You want a def answer to what you have before you start replacing parts out of speculation. You have to know your exact combo in order to get a proper chip. If you choose to swap them out...you will need a new chip.
I would suggest finding out what you have as far as inj and chip now, and then repost your issues and get the advise from the tuning experts. No reason to spend cash you dont need to spend. These cars suck cash so bad...you should be able to claim them on your taxes.


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You need to find out exactly what it's running wrong and just fix it. If you have a mismatched chip/injector combo, changing to another mismatched chip/injector combo, isn't going to do anything but make you dirty (and risk tearing a couple of O-Rings and/or breaking a solid vac line)


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If you have a good set of injectors, all you need is a new chip from Eric Marshall or Bob Bailey and you will be set. Your rich condition could be due to mismatch of inj/chip. As stated, find out what you have. Get the info off your chip and off your injectors. You can google the numbers on your injectors and figure out what they are.


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Other than sending the injectors to flowbench, how do I know the type, impedance, etc...
They should be a number on the injectors some where and get it and google the number and most likely you will find out what you have , then look at ecm chip and see if it has any identification on it to tell what injectors it is supposed to be running
The injectors have these numbers printed
0043 1704988a
And engraved 1330 ,other one with 1326 and 1270 .....

They are black a dark gray bottom

But at least I know that they are delphi injectors...
Will check the numbers on the other injectors and compare them.

Thanks for the link!!
I may found out my rich always condition....fuel pressure was 50 with the vac line removed.
Now, is there a spec regarding fp and the chip?
Should I lower it to 40 psi or a set it higher?
Idle crapped a little when lowering it....
Pics of the injectors.
Plug removed to allow rotation...


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