What was more impressive?

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The way Stewart threaded the needle (kind of) and slid past Gordon or the way Gordon kept his cool and came right back and took the lead back for the win in Phoenix. So was there any better explanation why Stewart didnt want to be interviewed right after the race? He was the second place finisher and I thought he didnt get screwed by anyone, just outdriven. One more thing I noticed was what at least two dumb@ss phoenix fans did as Gordon started his victory lap flying the #3 flag. I saw two objects thrown onto the track just missing his car. That is exactly what the drunk idiots do here in Wrigley Field when the Cubs are victims of a real bad call. Except more than 100 people will throw junk onto the field usually stopping play. Everyone who isnt drunk, is embarrassed by that nonsense. Another black eye for the sporting world.


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I always make sure I throw empty beer cans on the track instead of full ones. The guys who throw full ones are flat out scum!!! :D


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At Martinsville a couple years ago some people threw beer cans at Gordon leading with 2 or 3 laps to go. Those people should be taken outside and have unopened cans thrown at them. I'm not a Gordon fan, but there is no reason to endanger the racers or the fans.


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Did you see the end of todays race. Same thing fans throwing garbage out. I don't care if you like Jeff Gordon or not. You have to respect what he has done in his career.