What stall with E1840P Cam for Daily driver?

2014 Caprice 6.0 6L80 with a tune.
Bone stock 6.0 besides Cam and springs
Cam is E1840P, Springs are Pac1218
Problem = Engine is pushing on the OE converter at idle.
I am considering the ZL1 converter GM (24242552)
I don't mind leaving some performance on table just looking to NOT push on the converter when my fat foot isn't on the throttle.
Thanks For your help.
What's the specs on the cam?
Intake Duration:
Exhaust Duration:
Intake Duration (.050" Lift):
Exhaust Duration (.050" Lift):
Intake Valve Lift w/ Rocker Arm Ratio:
Exhaust Valve Lift w/ Rocker Arm Ratio:
MFG. Part #:
Sold in Quantity:
Id contact Circle D ....
3000-3200 stall
Thanks for the reply
I've read people say that the Circle D converters work great for performance but when you lightly get on the throttle to moderately accelerate It'll get blank like feeling until it gets to its stall speed rating. This car is my DD so id rather leave some performance on the table and HOT have that type of feeling.