What should I be running?


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Hey everybody, just got our 86' T-type completely done. Now its on to the tuning part. Also, many Thanks to TurboG (aka: Glenn) for all his help with this project. He was instrumental in helping us do this by ourselves (he also has a wicked fast 87 T)...

Anyway, I was wondering what I should be running in the 1/2 mile and what kind of HP I should see (estimated), with the setup we have. It has taken a month to finish this project, but it is well worth it. The car is running so much better, but we are still working out some slow turbo spool up problems... Give me your estimation... Thanks... Here is a list of all upgrades. The engine is also strong, 71K miles, nps there. :)

New Precision GT3255E Turbo
Bosch 42.5 injectors
Commander Chip from Fullthrottlespeed
Racetronix Walbro 340 fuel pump with Hotwire kit
New O2 sensor (bosch)
New gaskets/hoses and such, and spring cleaning done.

No cat, but stock exhaust, including downpipe, everything else is stock too.

Right now we are boosting to 18psi....
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Every car is different...so to estimate a time would really have no accuracy at all.

You should really be changing that exhaust...trouble justifying a bigger turbo if you have difficulty getting the exhaust out of there! Not to mention the usual tricks for fuel...

You can do the reverse, though. By doing a run or two, seeing your time, and compare it to a chart you can find on gnttype.org, it will give you an approx. horsepower.