What kind of Performance boost with?


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Okay, some of you guys know I got a 1986 T-type that I'm wanting to restore to its bad butt self. Well, I have been doing my homework, and after much talking this is the setup I think I will be going with. The car has 71K miles and is in great shape, but the stock Turbo is toast. So after several posts, and talking to a few people on the phone, including Mike Licht at Full Throttle Speed, I have decided to go with the following setup on the car. I didn't want to go crazy on the car, so the setup I'm going with is just a step or 2 above the stock setup. Tell me what you think and what kind of performance boost I can expect?? I def. want to know the performance boost! Here is the mods list:

Walbro 340 pump from Racetronix (ordered)
42.5 lb Bosch Injectors (Full Throttle Speed) ordering today
upgrade CHIP from (Full Throttle Speed) ordering today
GT3255E Turbo from (Full Throttle Speed) = not decided but prob.
Of course I'm getting the Wastegate Acutuator and a after market boost guage (any cheap recommendations for a boost guage?)

Thanks for any feedback!
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The only things I would add to the list for now are an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge and some sort of scan tool for knock. A scanmaster or computer-based scan tool are more expensive and do a lot more, but a knock gauge is <$100. You can get a dual pillar to hold the gauges. Other thing would be to get some kind of test pipe to replace the cat. All these things are relatively cheap and will give you a good starting point.

From there you would have a decent setup and will just have to go through and check everything to make sure all is well with the car. With those upgrades you should be able to tune the car for higher boost and get into the 12's pretty safely. For that you may need sticky tires and some race gas and another chip for racing though.

Other upgrades start getting pretty expensive, but the performance boost can be pretty good. Before you upgrade the turbo or intercooler, you probably should look into upgrading the exhaust and downpipe, unless the turbo is indeed shot and you get a smaller upgrade turbo like the GT or TA49. Also maybe getting a higher stall (or replacing) the stock convertor.


Definately something to tune car with, T-link, scanmaster etc...
Also what about converter and slics. Won't be any fun if it takes you 13 seconds to reach 108 mph.